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In the minds of some, companies that have resolved Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement actions are bad or unethical companies. It is a tempting position to take. After all, the FCPA is about bribery and corruption. However, it is a wrong position to take in many (but certainly not all) instances as many companies that resolve FCPA enforcement actions otherwise win awards of being the most ethical, most admired, or otherwise produce products or services that change the world. For instance, as highlighted in this post the U.S. government has partnered with several FCPA violators to help combat COVID-19.

Another useful example of the FCPA being a law much broader than its name suggests – see here.

As highlighted in this post, recently a court dismissed a bribery related securities fraud action against Glencore and various executives.

Apparently anything involving China is part of the DOJ’s China Initiative – see here.

As highlighted in this post, World Acceptance Corporation resolved a $21.7 million FCPA enforcement action based on the conduct of a former wholly-owned Mexico subsidiary.

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