In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Duc Trang discuss:

  • Engaging with companies about their business specifically. 
  • How to get in the door with a high-level GC. 
  • The value of different billing models. 
  • Trends in the law field as a result of COVID-19.


Key Takeaways:

  • It’s a lot cheaper to create additional revenue streams from your current client base. 
  • You want to have the headspace of your current clients so that they will have conversations about you when you’re not in the room or when you’re not asking
  • We will all have our successes and our lack of successes. 
  • Take a clientcentric approach – stay curious and look outside of yourself and your career. 


“In fact, [General Counsel are] probably talking to the firm because they’ve already been vetted that you have technical expertise, what they want to understand are two things: Do you understand my business and my business problem of which legal is only apart? And how would you marshall the resources at the firm to try to help you solve this business problems?” —  Duc Trang


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