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April 7, 2021 – You’re heard the saying that not all heroes wear capes – that some heroes go about their daily lives quietly and unnoticed, but when danger threatens, they step up and do their best to save the day.

It’s hard to think about the 258 lawyers who qualified for the 2020 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society as anything other than heroes.

When the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission created the Pro Bono Honor Society in 2013, the goal was to recognize lawyers who provided at least 50 hours of pro bono service in the preceding year. It was a recognition program created in and for normal times.

We are obviously not living in normal times right now.

When the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, leaving personal and economic devastation in its wake, these lawyers stepped up and made an extraordinary donation of their time to help people resolve their legal issues, in the middle of the ongoing pandemic.

They could have taken the year off to focus on their health, family or their regular law practice. Instead, they helped victims of domestic violence, families facing eviction, workers denied unemployment benefits and dozens of other legal issues.

They did this while also dealing with all the other pandemic stresses that we all faced. Whether they helped their clients remotely or in person, they made a difference and they should make us all proud to be Wisconsin lawyers.

So, from everyone at the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission, the State Bar of Wisconsin, and all the clients you helped, you are our heroes. THANK YOU.

258 Lawyers + 50 Hours or More = 12,900-plus Hours

The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission and the State Bar of Wisconsin Pro Bono Program are proud to recognize these 258 lawyers as 2020 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members.

Eligible pro bono legal services for this program means the direct provision of legal services without fee or expectation of fee, or at a substantially reduced fee to:

  • persons of limited means;
  • organizations in matters that are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited means; or
  • charitable, religious, civic, community governmental and educational organizations to secure or protect civil rights, civil liberties, or public rights so long as a substantial majority of such services benefit persons of limited means or organizations that serve persons of limited means.

The Heroes

Congratulations to these Wisconsin lawyers, listed here with their Wisconsin county or state of residence, recognized as 2020 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members:

Crystal Abbey, Brown

Shannon Allen, Waukesha

Lindsey Anderson, Waukesha

Robert Arthur, Milwaukee

Deborah Asher, Chippewa

Christopher Avallone, Milwaukee

Stephanie Balmer, Minnesota

John Bannen, Milwaukee

Crystal Banse, Milwaukee

Erin Barbato, Dane

Karen Bauer, Milwaukee

Melita Biese, Milwaukee

Jennifer Binkley, Dane

Lauren Blumenthal, Milwaukee

Bradford Bollmann, Marathon

Felice Borisy-Rudin, Dane

Herbert Bratt, Milwaukee

Doris Brosnan, Milwaukee

Lucy Brown, Dane

Ketajh Brown, Milwaukee

Abigail Broze, Waukesha

Peter Bruce, Milwaukee

Douglas Buck, Dane

Amy Burger, Washington

Michael Burton, Milwaukee

Dawn Caldart, Milwaukee

Diane Caspari, Milwaukee

James Cauley, Milwaukee

Katherine Charlton, Milwaukee

Iris Christenson, Dane

Linda Clifford, Dane

Ashanti Cook, Milwaukee

Michael Covey, Dane

Collin Dahl, Door

Robin Dalton, Dane

Julie Darnieder, Milwaukee

Carmen Decot, Milwaukee

Brayton Deprey, Milwaukee

Jennifer Devine, Milwaukee

Joseph Diedrich, Dane

Robert Duffy, Milwaukee

Rachel Dykema, Dane

Zachary Eastburn, Milwaukee

Timothy Edwards, Washington

Erik Eisenmann, Milwaukee

Jamie Epstein, Milwaukee

Grant Erickson, Dodge

Malinda Eskra, Milwaukee

Gregory Everts, Dane

Jessica Farley, Milwaukee

Alanna Feddick-Goodwin, Wood

Emily Feinstein, Dane

Mary Fons, Dane

Victor Forberger, Dane

Robert Forseth, Waupaca

Rory Foster, Dane

Melissa Frost, Walworth

Sharon Gisselman, Marathon

Benjamin Glicksman, Milwaukee

Barbara Gnat, Milwaukee

Andrew Golden, Milwaukee

James Goldschmidt, Milwaukee

Michael Gonring, Milwaukee

Joseph Goode, Milwaukee

Rhonda Gorden, Ozaukee

Cathy Gorst, Wood

James Gramling, Milwaukee

Janice Grant, Waukesha

Robert Gray, Marathon

Jennifer Gregor, Dane

Griffin Gross, Milwaukee

Kevin Grzebielski, Dane

Christopher Guthrie, Dane

John Halpin, Milwaukee

Julie Hancock, Brown

Sydney Handrich, Milwaukee

Katherine Hanes, Milwaukee

Lauren Harpke, Milwaukee

Andrew Harrington, Barron

Jessica Haskell, Milwaukee

David Hassel, Brown

Jonathan Heiden, Dane

Janet Heins, Waukesha

Thomas Heneghan, Dane

Mark Hinkston Racine

Patricia Hintz, Milwaukee

Lisa Hirschman, Eau Claire

Kari Hoel, Chippewa

David Hollander, Dane

Thomas Hornig, Dane

Kourtney Imig, Langlade

David Jennings, Ozaukee

Jason Johns, Dane

Jill Johnson, Dane

Stephen Johnson, Door

Wendy Johnson, Eau Claire

Steven Johnson, Outagamie

Sandra Joyce, Milwaukee

Steven Kaminski, Milwaukee

Timothy Kay, Waukesha

Philomena Kebec, Ashland

David Keck, Winnebago

Robert Kennedy, Forest

Matthew Kirkpatrick, Dunn

Sara Kneevers, Fond du Lac

John Koenig, Rock

Brandon Krajewski, Milwaukee

Stephen Kravit, Milwaukee

Margaret Krei, Milwaukee

Bryan Kroes, Milwaukee

Natalia Kruse, Dane

Julie La Fleur, Monroe

Allison Laffey, Milwaukee

Robin Lehninger, Milwaukee

Curtiss Lein, Sawyer

Matthew Lein, Sawyer

Mark Leitner, Milwaukee

Michael Levey, Milwaukee

Brenda Lewison, Milwaukee

Miranda Lezcano, Marathon

Benjamin Lockwood, Milwaukee

Bryce Loken, Dane

Kevin Long, Milwaukee

Adrian Longacre, Richland

Jack Longert, Dane

Maria Lopez, Milwaukee

Michael Lueder, Milwaukee

Karen Lueschow, Dane

Andrew Macdonald, Winnebago

James Macy, Winnebago

Michael Maistelman, Milwaukee

Kurt Malmquist, Ozaukee

Jeffrey Mandell, Dane

Jacob Manian, Milwaukee

Ellen Matyas, Outagamie

Lisa Mazzie, Milwaukee

Melissa Mccord, Milwaukee

Patrick Mcdonald, Rock

Erik Mcfarland, Portage

Barbara Mcpherson, Ozaukee

James Mentkowski, Milwaukee

Amy Menzel, Winnebago

Justin Mertz, Milwaukee

William Michel, Kenosha

Jennifer Miller, Dane

George Miller, Eau Claire

James Miller, Marathon

Jay Miller, Milwaukee

Heidi Miller, Milwaukee

Nancy Mills, Outagamie

John Mitby, Dane

Samuel Mitchell, Milwaukee

Alex Mohrbacher, Ashland

Jerome Mohsen, Milwaukee

Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, Washington

Linda, Monroe, Dane

Laura, Monroe, Dane

Jason Moore, Milwaukee

John Movroydis, Waukesha

Thomas Mulligan, Washburn

Ahmad Murrar, Milwaukee

Timothy Muth, Milwaukee

David Muth, Milwaukee

Brittany Naleid, Milwaukee

Rodney Neher, Rock

Maxfield Neuhaus, Pierce

Christopher Nickels, Milwaukee

Joseph Norby, Outagamie

Mary O’Meara, Milwaukee

Matthew O’Neill, Milwaukee

Nathan Oesch, Milwaukee

Odalo Ohiku, Milwaukee

Sarah Pagels, Milwaukee

Seep Paliwal, Dane

Eric Pangburn, Dane

Rebecca Paul, Portage

Michele Perreault, Dane

Randy Pflum, Dane

Thomas Phillips, Milwaukee

Joseph Poehlmann, Milwaukee

Douglas Poland, Dane

Shari Post, Wood

Adam Prinsen, Dane

Matthew Prior, Dane

Patrick Proctor-Brown, Milwaukee

Timothy Radelet, Dane

Kristina Rasmussen, Dane

Matt Ricci, Milwaukee

Beth Richlen, Marathon

Deborah Richter, Price

Meghan Roed, Dane

Kristin Roeper, Milwaukee

Samantha Roth, Dane

Tyler Roth, Milwaukee

Mitchell Routh, Douglas

Joseph Russell, Milwaukee

Michael Rust, Winnebago

Rebecca Salawdeh, Milwaukee

Robert Sanders, Milwaukee

James Santelle, Waukesha

Samantha Schacht, Dane

Deborah Scheid, Milwaukee

Jordan Schettle, Dane

Samuel Schlewitz, Eau Claire

Allen Schlinsog, Milwaukee

Andrew Schmidt, Marathon

Patrick Schoen, Milwaukee

James Schoenecker, Waukesha

Melissa Scholz, Dane

Thomas Schrimpf, Milwaukee

Paul Schwartz, Dane

Gerald Schwartz, New York

Rachael Scoggins, Milwaukee

Sara Scullen, Milwaukee

Katherine Seifert, Winnebago

Theresa Selenske, Wood

Allison Shepard, Eau Claire

Ellen Sinclair, Milwaukee

Carol Skinner, St. Croix

Walter Skipper, Milwaukee

Jessica Slind, Dane

Jason Smathers, Milwaukee

Jane Smith, Oconto

Martha Snyder, Dane

Ronald Sonderhouse, Waukesha

Grant Sovern, Dane

Gerald Sternberg, Dane

Marjory Stewart, Milwaukee

Meredith Stier, Dane

Pamela Stokke-Ceci, Milwaukee

Patrick Taylor, Milwaukee

Robert Thorson, Chippewa

Michael Tobin, Dane

Shelley Torvinen, Minnesota

Margaret Utterback, Dane

Sydney Vanberg, Dane

Sara Vanden Brook, Dane

Iana Vladimirova, Dane

Tricia Walker, Fond du Lac

Stacy Ward, Milwaukee

Karrie Weaver, St. Croix

Daniel Welytok, Milwaukee

Travis West, Dane

Ruth Westmont, Dane

Catherine White, Dane

Chelsea Whitley, Polk

Jacqueline Wilcox, Milwaukee

Brenna Wildt, Milwaukee

Amy Wochos, Milwaukee

Jeremy Wodajo, Dane

Peter Wolff, Waukesha

Sarah Yacoub, St. Croix

Lilah Zajac, Waukesha

Nicholas Zales, Milwaukee

Jeanne Zamzow Waushara

Michael Zeka, Milwaukee

Lauren Zenk, Milwaukee

Kathryn Zumbrunnen, Washburn