The goal of Coronavirus Legal Daily (“CLD”) is to, first and foremost, provide readers with insightful, relevant and impactful content about the coronavirus pandemic.

All content on CLD is automatically added from LexBlog’s 1,500 publications and 24,000+ authors based on discussion of the coronavirus. Not every post published on LexBlog Network publications appears on CLD. Each post published to CLD is individually reviewed by one of LexBlog’s editors. Upon reviewing each post, the content is then weighed with the following criteria in mind.

Original Insight and Analysis
The best blog posts go beyond summarizing and simply passing along information to the reader, they also add value. While engagement and drawing on outside sources is key, authors should also add their own insightful perspective. We believe in authentic authorship and will not accept ghostwritten blogs.

Tastefulness and Refraining from Overt Self-Promotion
Blog posts written as clear attempts at self-promotion or showing little taste when commenting on sensitive subjects will not be included.

Writing for Online Readers
Writing for the web is much different than writing in print. Content that is easily scannable and visually attractive—whether done through imagery or formatting—is more appealing than content that is not. While posts written in a more traditional print form—longer, with thick paragraphs and little to no imagery—won’t be excluded, but those posts written with the medium in mind are preferred.

Engagement, the act of bringing in outside ideas and listening to the voices around you, is a crucial part of effective blogging. Posts demonstrating this ability while also adding value and offering unique commentary are much more likely to be highlighted by our editors.

Prominence and Impact
Like any other publication, posts addressing a national news issue affecting a large number of people will see a heightened level of visibility on CLD. Prominence and impact will not be the difference between a post appearing on CLD or not, but posts covering national news issues are more likely to appear on the publication’s front page.