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Barry Zalma founded Barry Zalma, Inc. in 1979 to help resolve every insurance claim problem faced by you or your clients. For more than 51 years as a claims person and insurance coverage attorney, Barry Zalma has represented insurers, advised insurers on claims handling, interpreted coverages and testified as an insurance coverage, insurance bad faith, insurance claims handling and insurance fraud expert on behalf of insurers and policy holders’ suing insurers. He now limits his practice to consultation and service as an insurance claims handling expert.

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Ninth Circuit Is Exhausted by Covid Insurance Claims Suit
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Khatchik Hairabedian d/b/a Kris Mobil (“Khatchik”) appealed from the district court’s order granting Defendant Security National Insurance Company’s (“Security”) motion to dismiss this action for insurance coverage in Khatchik Hairabedian, Dba Kris Mobil v. Security National

ZIFL – 6-15-2023 – Volume 27, Issue 12
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The Source For Insurance Fraud Professionals
From, this, the Twelfth issue of the 27th year of publication Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter provides multiple articles on how to deal with insurance fraud in the United States.

ZIFL – Volume 27, Issue 8
The Source For Insurance Fraud Professionals
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Obesity, Diabetes and Covid Not Basis For Compassionate Release
The US Congress, feeling sorry for federal prisoners, amended the law to create The First Step Act to allow

Determine Whether Property Damage Occurred
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A first party property policy does not insure property: it insures a person, partnership, corporation or other entity against the risk of loss of the property. Before an insured can make a claim for indemnity under a policy of first

ZIFL – Volume 27, Issue 6
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Ohio Insurance Department Warns of ‘Past Posting’ Fraud Scheme
The Ohio Department of Insurance warned of an insurance fraud scheme committed after an auto accident or property damage that is trending in the state. Named the “past posting” scheme,

There Must be an Actual Change in the Appearance, Shape, Color, Or Other Material Aspect Of The Property for Coverage to Apply
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Plaintiff MTDB Corporation d/b/a Striker Lanes (MTDB) sued seeking declaratory judgment action against defendant, American Auto Insurance Company (AAIC), seeking a declaration that AAIC

ZIFL Volume 26 Number 24
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah & May The Winter Solstice be Peaceful & Mild
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A Christmas Fable of Fraud
ZIFL Publishes This Story At Christmas Time Every Year. I Hope You Like It Again.
The story that follows is fiction based, in

To Allege IFPA Fraud Plaintiff Need only Plead the Defendants Knowledge, Falsity, and Materiality of Insurance Claim
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Stephen J. Conte, D.O. (“Dr. Conte”), and various other health care providers (collectively, the “Defendants”) moved the court to dismiss plaintiffs Aetna, Inc. and Aetna Life Insurance Company’s (collectively,