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Vladmir Putin’s swift, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine instantly challenged the Western World and threatens to unravel the Post-World War Two order.  Seeing a world already exhausted and eager to “get on” from the two-year old Coronavirus Pandemic, perhaps Putin believed the United States and the West would quickly condemn the aggression and then return to

In the hustle and bustle of year-end filings, the holidays and the rush and tumble of life, some may have overlooked a few of the more significant legal developments in 2021.  To help you stay “on track” for a successful 2022, this “Year-in-Review 2021” may help.  Of course, this post does not constitute legal advice,

The term “Churchillian” describes a writer or speaker whose style emulates that of Former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.  Politicians are called Churchillian when they appear to be uncompromising, focused, and strong.  Not often does one come across a Churchillian figure.  Rarer still when one comes upon a Churchillian response to a crisis.
In my

EEOC published more guidance saying employers can mandate COVID-19 vaccinations.  The “fine print” behind the attention-grabbing headlines finds serious questions unanswered.

Continues exploring mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for workers.
The EEOC updated its COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the cusp of the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, the unofficial “kick-off” to summer.  The Biden Administration and

The Next Challenge:  COVID-19’s Recovery
We rightly celebrate the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines and the lifting of “stay-at-home” orders.  No one yet says the Pandemic is over.  Many see that the end is in sight, that there is “light” at the “end of the tunnel.”
If we are not careful, not thoughtful about the

Explores mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines for Workers.
Vaccinations dominate the news.  Simultaneously offering hope and fear, “vaccine-talk” and discussions about “mandates,” “passports,” “segregation,” “dissent,” and “peer pressure” intertwine to create confusion and dread.  Mandating the use of any product should not be done lightly.  Remember Obamacare?  Forcing workers to use a product to keep their