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Several countries offer citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programs that provide easier and faster processes for becoming global citizens. High-net-worth individuals looking to improve their global mobility, explore education opportunities outside the U.S., or retire out of the country may consider applying to a citizenship-by-investment program.
Dual citizenship provides many benefits to individuals and families alike, but acquiring

Currently, the cryptocurrency industry can be likened to the Wild West. As we recall from old westerns, the Wild West wasn’t a great place for commerce, as random shootouts could break out at a moment’s notice and the town authority wasn’t necessarily the one on the side of the law. In the Wild West that

Concerns about the Wuhan coronavirus, known as COVID 19, are naturally running high. Confirmed cases are still rising both at the national and state level. Here in Colorado, we have already seen over a hundred cases and unfortunately, they appear to be spread throughout the entire state. And while the number of cases will inevitably