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You’ve been hired under an at-will employment contract and you’re wondering if this is enforceable in Canada – the answer is no.
What is At-Will Employment?
At-will employment is a type of employment that can be terminated at any point in time without providing cause and without providing any reason or notice to the employee.

As the worst of the Pandemic moves further into our rearview mirror, more employers are asking their employees to return to the office either five days a week or in a hybrid model.
Who Can Work Remotely?
Not all employees are capable of working from home. It will depend on the nature of the

A common complaint from employees (and their family and friends) is that they cannot seem to get away from work, even after they’ve left the office to go home at night. Technology has allowed many individuals to take their work home with them, which was only been exacerbated by the pandemic because so many people